Guide for Eco-citizenship in the Mediterranean

This guide has been developed from an experimental action undertaken by the ILE Project (Local Initiatives for the Environment in the Mediterranean), during 2014 and 2015. The ILE Project was supported by the European ENPI CBC MED Programme.

The purpose of the guide is about understanding the concept of eco-citizenship and learning how civil society acts to support the environment in the Mediterranean. This aim is illustrated by some fifty factsheets and practical cases presenting local experiences run by civil society organisations and local authorities from all over the Mediterranean, covering various environmental themes.
  • It demonstrates the possibilities and advantages of cooperation between civil society organisations and local authorities to make policies and environmental activities more effective;
  • It offers willing civil society organisations the means to take effective action to protect the environment, as well as tools to mobilise Mediterranean citizens in their activities;
  • it illustrates the prospects for cooperation between Mediterranean organisations and civil society to create an operational and sustainable network of people working on the ground in the environment.