Renforcer le professionnalisme, l’expertise et la fiabilité de l’action des associations environnementales

L'Atelier s'est ouvert avec les intervention de :

• Mr. Ali Ezzedine, Vice President & General Director ADR – Association for the Development of Rural Capacities
• Mr. Abed El Moahsen El Housseini, président de l’Union des Municipalités de Tyr
• Mr. Matthieu GUARY, Délégué général de l'APARE

Introduction: Local Initiatives for Environment 

Présentation du projet ILE et des objectifs de l'Atelier de Tyr : Anne-Gaëlle JAY, coordinatrice du projet

Participants were asked to working in bi-national or national groups in order to define together the best reliable environmental association. On this basis they had to identify the strength Points and Progress Points of their own organisation.

Next sessions were related to the following topics and example of good practices

Group 1 : Organization of knowledge transmission within an association (Facilitator : Matthieu GUARY)
• L'ASOC: 20 years of experience assisting the oasis heritage

 Group 2 : The establishment of quality measures (Facilitator : Isabelle TRINQUELLE)
Establishment of an internal sustainable development approach for the association

 Group 3 : Cooperation with research institutes (Facilitator : Hiba FAWAZ)
• Implementation of an Agricultural Biodiversity Observatory in Corsica
• The academic contribution in the quality and expertise of associative action

 Group 4 : Quality Procedures requiring specific work protocols (Facilitator : Matthieu GUARY)
• Cooperation with Institute of Arid Regions in Medenine
The Greek movement against gold mines: How local societies seek and achieve scientific support and documentation

 Groupe 5 : Youth Engagement Tools (Facilitator : Isabelle TRINQUELLE)
• The campuses as youth engagement tools
• Involvement of volunteers in civil campaign for cleanliness

 Group 6 : Training policy, valorization and volunteers’ training (Facilitator : Guido SPACCAFORNO)
• Training of members in JCI

Group 7 : The appearance of experience sharing networks (Facilitator : Matthieu GUARY)
The structuring of the actors of marine environment in Corsica and the Mediterranean
• The RADDO: A Model of network sharing experiences of oasis in Maghreb.

Group 8 : The use of diverse funding methods (Facilitator : Isabelle TRINQUELLE)
Mobilisation of Funds for Global Environnent (FEM)
Action for Wildlife fundraising experience

Groupe 9 : Youth Engagement Tools (Facilitator : Hiba FAWAZ)
• Structured Dialogue to enhance participation of youth to the local decision processes
• Children and Youth Multipurpose Camping Area in Ein Zaarour, Jezzine