Project partners

Association for Participation and Regional Action
- APARE – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France, Lead partner
APARE is a European youth organisation approved by the European Commission. It was established in 1979 to encourage the participation of civil society and, in particular, the younger generations, in sustainable local development in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region but also in the Euro-Mediterranean area too.

As such, the ethos of the association is in keeping with the spirit of youth and popular educations associations, environmental movements while being committed to Europe and international solidarity.
These objectives are met using various means, including:
• international volunteer workcamps encouraging citizen-led initiatives, particularly those led by young people, that benefit local projects of general interest,
• study-based workshops supporting local initiatives, otherwise known as Euro-Mediterranean sustainable development campuses, that involve international teams of student volunteers,
• awareness-raising and educational activities for sustainable development promoted in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region but also in the Euro-Mediterranean area too,
• training activities and studies contributing to the effectiveness of our actions,
• international cooperation activities supporting local sustainable development initiatives as well as actions based on international solidarity.
Contact: Anne-Gaelle JAY ile(a)

– Campania, Italy
AMESCI is a national non-profit making organisation. It was formed in 1996 and is based in Naples (Italy). Its purpose is to foster and support the empowerment of young people as keystone of processes of change in the society. To meet such a challenge it organises training, projects and networking activities to help young people develop their knowledge, abilities and skills to promote a generation of citizens who are able to combine professionalism and social responsibility. AMESCI has undertaken 459 Civil Service projects since 2002, involving 15,000 young people between 18 and 28 years old. They have taken part in volunteer activities in Italy and abroad linked to education, youth participation, the environment, social policies, personal care, international exchange, civil protection, legal issues, culture, sport and tourism. AMESCI’s international dimension has developed through taking part and delivering several youth exchanges, intercultural training courses and seminars through funding from the main EU youth-related programmes. Chief among these activities is the “Citizens 2.0” campaign funded by the Ministry of Youth. This set up a social network for youth participation in partnership with different national realities promoted by AMESCI. AMESCI has managed EVS midterm evaluation activities on behalf of the Italian National Agency since 2002 and EVS on-arrival training since March 2013.
Contact: Guido Spaccaforno g.spaccaforno(a)

Association for the Development of Rural Capacities - ADR – South Lebanon, Lebanon
ADR is a Lebanese non-profit making, apolitical and non-denominational NGO working mainly in South Lebanon.
ADR’s mission is to help and empower disadvantaged people through social and economic development projects. As such, ADR plans and delivers projects tailored to the expectations and needs of local residents. The main areas of activity are in developing human resources, boosting economic capacity and supporting civil society organisations.
Thanks to the constant support from the public and private sector since it was established, ADR designs and delivers environmentally-friendly projects meeting the needs of local communities through four main programmes:
• Micro-credit
• Sustainable agriculture
• Vocational training
• Social development and Decentralised Cooperation
contact: Mirma Saab mirna.saab(a)

Association d’Education Relative à l’Environnement de Hammamet (A.E.R.E) – Nabeul, Tunisia
AERE was established in 2001 and is an NGO working in information, training and education to DISCOVER the environment, UNDERSTAND it and PARTICIPATE in managing it in a responsible and civic manner.

AERE undertakes its activities for environmental education through school projects, working closely with the educational establishment. These include local neighbourhood projects involving a wider audience as well as projects directly related to children and young people.
Topics of work range from the coastline and Mediterranean marine ecosystems, sustainable tourism, biodiversity, heritage, environmental communication, civic awareness (waste, energy, water, consumption, etc.) and the study of different environments (the sea, lagoons, forests, etc.).
Contact: Salem Sahli aere.hammamet(a)

Association des Jeunes de Zammour – Medenine, Tunisia
Zammour Youth Association (AJZ) ' is a local NGO. It was created on 2 April 1991 by a group of determined local volunteers from Zammour.
AJZ set itself the task of taking part in integrated development while conserving natural resources. It also promotes social, cultural and environmental heritage to make Zammour more prosperous.

Its activities mainly cover:

  • safeguarding, reconstituting and developing the region’s natural and cultural heritage; 
  • establishing relations to work jointly with NGO’s and associations working in the same areas; 
  • organising activities in the local area such as excursions, cultural and sporting competitions and music evenings, etc.
Contact: Zied ZAMMOURI ajz_11(a)

Association de Sauvegarde de l’Oasis de Chenini (A.S.O.C.) – Gabes, Tunisia
ASOC aims consist of delivering and supporting sustainable development activities to safeguard the Chenini oasis, to alert local people to take responsibility for their own development and to extrapolate the experience to other oases and places in the world.
Since it was formed in 1995, ASOC has undertaken a number of sustainable development actions which relate to several aspects and problems at the oasis such as recycling waste from date palms (creation of a composting facility producing 5 tonnes of compost per week), the growth of ecological and organic farming (45 fields have organic certification), promoting the role of women from the oasis in sustainable development (a sheep-farming venture, apiculture, handicrafts), sustainable management of natural resources (training, managing irrigation water, soil fertility, etc.), biodiversity (creation of a biodiversity garden, a project to sustainably manage local seeds), organising and taking part in meetings and awareness raising (mobile environmental learning resources in primary schools, hosting, exchanges and organising activities, etc.)
Contact: Sami Badrouchi sbadrouchi(a)

Mediterranean Center of Environment – Attica, Greece
The Mediterranean Center of Environment – Greece is a non-trading, non-profit making company formed in Athens in 1992 by a French-Greek team seeking to promote the development of human activities that respect the environment and culture of regions in the Mediterranean and the Balkans.
The purpose of the MCE-Greece is to address Euro-Mediterranean issues through local, national and European projects that mainly cover the following activities:
• the exchange of Euro-Mediterranean knowledge and expertise to promote eco-citizenship and sustainable development;
• informing and training local stakeholders, particularly young people, about issues related to preserving and promoting their environmental and cultural heritage;
• running local activities to promote the land (landscape, natural and cultural heritage, know-how, local products, etc.).
Contact: Isabelle Bouchy - info(a)

Office de l’Environnement de la Corse
– Corsica, France
The Environment Office of Corsica was established in 1991. The legislator provided Corsica with an establishment tasked with coordinating regional policy and bestowed on it an essential and cross-cutting scope in the field of the environment.
The environment is defined by the extreme diversity of its scope for experimentation combining a scientific and technical approach. OEC’s area of work on a regional scale are very varied and involve air quality, nature reserves, hunting and fishing reserves as well as industrial and domestic hazards.
Since 2010, the OEC has expended its environmental approach to take in sustainable development by including social and economic issues characterised by the implementation of the Regional Agenda 21 Programme by the Collectivité Territoriale de Corse.
Contact: Charles Pasqualini - pasqualini(a)

Associated partners

Association de Réflexion d’Echanges et d’Action pour l’Environnement et le Développement - AREA-ED – Algeria
AREA-ED, or the Association for Reflection, Exchanges and Actions for the Environment and Development, was created in 1994 and is a national non-profit making association bringing together academics, researchers and those working in sustainable development.
AREA-ED is an environmental organisation that has been actively involved over the last twenty years in protecting and promoting natural and cultural heritage as well as sustainable development principles.
AREA-ED runs grass-roots activities with the support of local communities and organises education and training activities for young people and associations. It contributes to professionalising and providing better organisation of Algerian civic life in the area of the environment and sustainable development and by strengthening dialogue and partnerships between associations and public authorities.
Contact: area-ed(a)

Centre Méditerranéen pour l'Environnement et le Développement - CMED – Morocco
The Mediterranean Centre for Environment and Development (CMED) was created in 2000 and is involved in regional development in terms of preserving the environment and natural resources.
CMED’s aims are to protect and respect the environment through awareness-raising campaigns and training course programmes as well as environmental education.

Contact: Moulay Abdeslame SAMARKANDI –