The network ILE in Italy


  • Association ANTARES
    The Antares association is a non-profit making volunteering organisation and has been part of the social-cultural life in the town of Volla in the Province of Naples since 1991. It introduces Civil Protection services that are made to understand the town’s requirements and to introduce preventive and assistance actions to maintain public and private safety.
    The association develops the following activities:
    • preventive and assistance actions for hydrogeological hazards which the area of Volla is particularly exposed to due to its geological characteristics ranking it in the “medium danger level” category. Over the years, the Civil Protection association has specialised in this type of intervention by setting up specialist intervention teams equipped with materials enabling them to effectively tackle these hydrogeological hazards;
    • Preventive actions and fire-fighting as the association boasts suitable equipment to fight fires in compliance with the Law 81/08;
    • Awareness-raising, protective and preventive actions in the area through activities such as the “SiAmoVolla” Project, clean-up operations in the municipal area (affected by ecological and environmental problems) thanks to the work of the association’s volunteers;
    • Specialised training for volunteers in various areas of intervention. These are comprised of theory-based preparations and put into practice under the guidance of the Antares association and other partners in the same sector. “
  • R.O.S.S.
    The Association R.O.S.S. (Reparto Operativo Soccorso Stabia) was born in December 18th 2009. It operates in the area of the Castellammare di Stabia Municipality and Lattari Mountains through volunteering actions for the environmental prevention. Thanks to the help of 30 active volunteers, every year the Association organizes school meeting to sensitize pupils about Civil Protection and fire prevention practices. In 2013/2014 R.O.S.S. organized 6 meetings in 6 different schools, involving totally 100 youth.
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