The network ILE in Algeria
  • Association de Réflexion d’Echanges et d’Action pour l’Environnement et le Développement - AREA-ED - Associated partner of ILE

    AREA-ED, or the Association for Reflection, Exchanges and Actions for the Environment and Development, was created in 1994 and is a national non-profit making association bringing together academics, researchers and those working in sustainable development.
    AREA-ED is an environmental organisation that has been actively involved over the last twenty years in protecting and promoting natural and cultural heritage as well as sustainable development principles.
    AREA-ED runs grass-roots activities with the support of local communities and organises education and training activities for young people and associations. It contributes to professionalising and providing better organisation of Algerian civic life in the area of the environment and sustainable development and by strengthening dialogue and partnerships between associations and public authorities.

    Contact: area-ed(a)