The Network ILE in the Mediterranean
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ILE Network

The ILE project aims to improve the way civil society operates in the environmental field in the partner regions in France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia. 
Analytical work on the current situation in this subject area, begun in 2014, helped identify and rally environmental NGO’s in the partner regions thus creating a Euro-Mediterranean network of eco-citizenship stakeholders. 

Read the report: Etat de la gouvernance environnementale et de l’éco-citoyenneté en Méditerranée and the national reports by clicking on the countries of the project on the map.

Together, it is possible to better analyse the obstacles to mobilising civil society, to identify scope for improvement and to exchange citizen engagement-friendly practices and public debate on environmental issues.

The organisations in the ILE network are assembled by the project partners. They take part in training and experience–sharing workshops and are key players in the Mediterranean eco-citizenship summer schools. The ILE network now has a ‘hard core’ of organisations but aims to expand throughout the project and continue after it finishes.

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Morocco Algeria France Italy Tunisia Greece



The Constitutive Charter of the Network

On 2015 december 21st, at Hammamet during the Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Eco-Citizenship, the Non Governemental Organizations involved in the project ILE and active in local environmental and sustainable development initiatives,created the Network “ILE in the Mediterranean”. They confirmed their will to continue to cooperate in the Mediterranean Basin in accordance with the initial objectives of the ILE project.

They have developed together and signed the Constitutive Charter of the Network "ILE in the Mediterranean"