Traffic management in the historic centre of Aegina - GREECE – Attica, Island of Aegina (30 June - 20 July 2014)

Close to the Greek capital, the island of Aegina boasts an outstanding natural environment and very rich cultural heritage which combined make it a highly popular all-year-round destination for Greek and foreign tourists alike. The town of Aegina, where the campus was based, is the island’s main port. It has kept its traditional and picturesque atmosphere but this charm and quality of life is suffering from a major problem: urban traffic. Large variations in seasonal traffic, the concentration of traffic in the coastal part of the town and the town’s streets which are poorly adapted to vehicles cause many traffic and mobility-related problems that affect the life of Aegina’s residents as well as tourism in general.

Together with APARE, the Mediterranean Centre of Environment and the Aegina Association of Active Citizens organised a campus to offer an external point of view on this problem and try to provide some answers to the “traffic management in the historic centre of Aegina”.

The work achieved

After having familiarised themselves with the local characteristics and issues, the participants conducted a diagnostic survey of the whole traffic problem and the multitude of uses and modes of transport in Aegina. Meetings with local people and work sessions with experts backed up their research.


Their combined efforts over 3-weeks resulted in an assessment and 3 priorities concerning spatial planning and traffic organisation proposals. The purpose of these proposals was to improve traffic management and to pave the way for new forms of sustainable mobility in the town as well as the port.


This work is serving as a basis for territorial dialogue organised as part of the ILE Project on the Island of Aegina.   


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  • Vassilis ELEYTHERIOU, Rural and Surveying Engineer, Msc. in “Environment and Development” and “Urban and Regional Planning”, Phd candidate NTUA
  • Alkiviadis BALIAS, Rural and Surveying Engineer
  • Petros PETRITIS, President of the  City council and of the Commission for Tourism Development and Promotion 
  • Stratos PANTAVOS, Architect, member of the Aegina Association of Active Citizen
  • Panos LEVENTIS, Associated professor in Architecture, Drury University (USA)
  • Nelly SFAKIANAKI, Architect
  • Vassilis GRIGORIADES, Architect
  • Dimitris POTAMIANOS, Prof. Panteion University, Dpt Culture, Media et Communication
  • Giannis PAPADOPOULOS, Architect
  • George KOULIKOURDIS, Civil Engineer
  • Alexis KRAUS, Vice-president of the Aegina Association of Active Citizen
  • Henri-Paul COULON, Producer of pistachio and President of the Aegina Association of Active Citizen

Meetings: Mr SKALTSIOTIS, Chairman of the local retailers association, Mr GARIS, Port Authority, newly elected Mayor, Mr MOURTZIS, the outgoing Mayor, Mr SAKIOTIS and Mr HATZINAS, President of the local bus company.  

Guide: Heleni Zachariou



Mediterranean Center of Environment - Greece

the Aegina Association of Active Citizens

Read the analysis and the proposals of the Campus Final report (ENG Version)

The Campus participants

Fanny Bachevalier, France
Gwenolé Créac'h, France
Marios Danakos, Greece
Tiago Filipe Trindade Cruz, Portugal
Jeanne Haute-Pottier, France
Jackie Herrera, France
Ioannis Dedes, Greece
Triantafyllia Zacharoglou, Greece

Coordinator: Sofia NIKOLAIDOU