The Eco-volunteer missions 2015

In 2015 ILE proposed several 3 monthes missions for eco-volunteers

Young Euro-mediterranean Eco-volunteers (18-30 years old) participated to projects in France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia. During three monthes, they took part to local projects and participated in various activities of ILE partner organisations. 

  • In FRANCE - CORICA with the Office de l'Environnement Corse  
    Sarah (Lebanon) Agricultural engineer with a strong background concerning the work with NGOs, worked on public awareness to agro-ecology. 
  • In FRANCE with Union APARE-CME 
    Emna Chebbi (Tunisia), Project Manager with the Arab Institute for Democracy. Bachelor degree in Biotechnology from the Higher Institute for Applied Science of Tunis. She worked on public awareness on environment through education and on the creation of pedagogical tools for schools and general public.

  • In ITALY with AMESCI
    Roberta Chiaramello (Italy), Master degree in International Relations, experiences in NGOs for the promotion of Human Rights and International Cooperation.
    She contributed to the coordination of the eco-volunteering missions in the project ILE.
  • In GRECE with the Mediterranean Centre of Environment 
    Mahmoud (Tunisia) originally a Start-up guy with 2-3 years experience of managing/coaching and Leading young technologist talents through Global Innovation Challenges. He supported the coordination of the Euro-mediterranean Campuses ILE in 2015.
  • In LEBANON with the ADR - Association fo the Rural Development
    Bilel (Tunisia) is currently finishing a thesis on Environmental Geology at the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Tunis. He is working as a Treasurer for the Association Earth Hour Tunisia and is an active member within the staff of the World Wildlife Fund of Tunis (WWF Tunis). He worked on the awareness of farmers toward the benefit of using the organic fertilizer (Compost) in their farms especially in the region of South Lebanon and to elaborate a good marketing strategy with ADR related to this issue.

  • In LEBANON with the ADR - Association fo the Rural Development
    Nour (Liban), Bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Medicine, she is now finishing a Master’s degree in environmental engineering. She worked on Develop an action plan on eco-consuming practices in the Union of Municipalities in Tyr and elaboration eco-consuming guide. She also contributed to the organisation of the Euro-mediterranean Campus ILE in Tyr.
  • In LEBANON with the ADR - Association fo the Rural Development
    Amel (Tunisia), graduated of a Master Degree in Integrative Biology of Coastal Ecosystems, Member and Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Ecotourism and Environment (ETE +), worked on livelihood improvement through establishing an effective marine management in the Casa of Tyre, through: Improving a developed integrated fishery management system and Increase conservation efforts and fostered sustainable fishing practices.

  • In TUNISIA with AERE - Environmental Education Association of Hammamet 
    Meriem Mejdoub (Tunisia) studied at at the Higher Institute of Agronomy Chott Meriem sousse and she is member of the Tunisian Association of landscape architecture and engineering. Based on studies conducted by the AERE in 2010, her mission was the development landscape improvement for the discovery tour of the El Faouara area in Hammamet.
    Sonia (Tunisia) is studying Law. She made a complete inventory of the archives of the AERE organsiation, according to international standards.  

  • In TUNISIA with ASOC- Association de Sauvegarde de l’Oasis de Chenini 
    Audrey Barbe (France), Engineer in agronomy, specialised in Social Management of Water in Southern Countries, Iheb (Tunisie), architect, and Abir Hadjhmida (Tunisie) worked on a touristic offer to discover the Oasis of Chenini-Gabes