The Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Eco-citizenship is a space for thought, exchange and contribution on the topic of eco-citizenship in the Mediterranean.
It gathers all the members of the ILE network and is open to public and private sector actors acting on the local, national or international level in favour of the participation of citizens in the issues of environment in the Mediterranean. 

The first Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Eco-citizenship.

The inaugural Eco-Citizenship Conference was held in Marseille at the Villa Méditerranée on 7-8 October 2014 and attended by 120 representatives from civil society organisations, local authorities and public institutions from the seven partner countries of the ILE Project.

Changes and vivacity of civil society

During the first public day, various accounts and points of view from around the Mediterranean were presented. These helped sketch out an analysis of recently occurring changes in several Mediterranean countries and their consequences on the participation of civil society.
Two round-table discussions followed, the first on “young people, prime movers in eco-citizenship” and second on “local authority-civil society cooperation: a driver for efficiency in environmental policy”. Both provided a series of verbal accounts on the role, depth and vivacity of civil society in Morocco, Lebanon, Greece, Tunisia, France and Italy.

The birth of the ILE Network

Day two was marked by the birth of the ILE Network bringing together some thirty organisations to date. It also helped paint a shared overall picture on the situation regarding eco-citizenship in the Mediterranean and to prepare future activities on the three main themes:
. Cooperation between environmental NGO’s and local authorities
. Communication, visibility and transparency in environmental NGO’s
. Professional development and expertise in environmental NGO’s

These two days of work and discussion helped validate the shared nature of Mediterranean Basin-wide issues in terms of environmental protection, mobilising citizens, particularly young people, and cooperation between civil society and public authorities.

The second Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Eco-citizenship

The second Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Eco-citizenship was organised on the 19 and 20 December in Hammamet, Tunisia.

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2d Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Hammamet